In the Daily Prayer of the Order, each member of the Order prays "to practice and defend the Catholic, the Apostolic, the Roman faith against the enemies of religion."  Historically, our predecessor Knights were called to defend the Faith during the Crusades, regularly giving their lives in battle, sometimes to the point of martyrdom.  Today, we are called to a different challenge, to bear witness to the Church and her teachings, in the midst of an increasingly secular world order.

Our Defense of the Faith Committee (the "DOF Committee") is comprised of members from each of the Locations in the Western Association and meets on a monthly teleconference, generally on the last Tuesday of the month.  Our principal role is to support initiatives by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in response to the threats they perceive to the Church and to her teachings here in the United States.

One specific example is the Fortnight for Religious Freedom, sponsored by the U.S. bishops in reaction to the Obama Administration's HHS mandate for employers to provide contraceptives and abortifacients.  The DOF Committee has also sponsored a pro-life film contest for college students and a conference on current apologetics and bioethics topics at our 2013 Investiture.

If you have questions about our DOF Committee, please contact the Western Association office at 415.788.4550 or our DOF Committee chair, Mary Frances Jeffries.


Recent Events  

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Thomas Aquinas College Files Suit against the HHS Mandate.   Read Press Release

Summary of current litigation against the HHS Mandate.   The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty

Fra' Noelke's Rite of Profession, November 16, 2013 contains numerous references to Defending the Faith. 


Member Resources 

Video of 2013 Defense/Nurture of the Faith Conference.    Please contact Mary Frances Jeffries at 213-683-6232.


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