The Bay Area Auxiliary has functioned as a way for younger adults to get to know the works of the Order of Malta, and vice versa. Like the Donats of Europe, the Auxiliary is a means by which compassionate and motivated people can share in some of the charisma of the Order without the commitments entailed in full membership. Service, spirituality, and the social are the three pillars on which Auxiliary activities are balanced. The Bay Area Auxiliary each year supports several malade companions on the Lourdes pilgrimage, in addition to other charitable works. 

The Los Angeles Auxiliary welcomes those interested in assisting in the works of the Order. 


Marys_kitchenThe Orange County Auxiliary focuses on the three tenants of work, faith, and friendship. Work: Our main charities we support through service hours are Mary's Kitchen and assisting with the Order of Malta workdays. Faith: We also attend quarterly masses at our various home parishes throughout Orange County. Our annual retreat is usually in the spring. Friendship: We plan various social outings, which have included bowling, Angels baseball game, and Ducks hockey game.  

Orange members at Mary's Kitchen serving food to the homeless.



New Mexico

The New Mexico Auxiliary distributes food through the St. Felix Pantry quarterly and served hundreds of families. The blessings received due to this opportunity of serving those less fortunate than us have outweigh the work involved.  It is heartwarming to see a child beaming at the sight of treats (fresh fruit & vegetables) in their box; the elderly on a fixed income, smiling as he/she walks out with food for the week.  We are also involved in the yearly Healing Mass at St Thomas Aquinas Church.  We hand out prayer cards from the Order of Malta.  This is one more way to get people to join our group. 

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